Best Anker Earphone
Anker Earphone

Best Anker Earphone

The earphone is a key accessory that people nowadays need for different purposes. Therefore finding the right ones is a good decision that can help save you money and time as well. Anker is one of the top brands that you should consider in buying earphones from. And here are the top Anker Earphones in Cambodia that should have a look with. 

1. ANKER SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Pro

This Anker earphone features with the active noise cancellation or ANC function that help reduce all surrounding disturbing noise from your background during a call. With the PureNote Driver Technology it helps boost 45% of your bass featuring with 30% a wider frequency than normal driver. Its playtime hours offers up to 26 hours that is long enough for using. 

ANKER SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Pro - Anker Earphone
  • A variety color options include: Black, White, Blue, Pink,Red and Lum Edition 

  • Active noise cancellation or ANC function available 

  • Purnote Driver Technology feature

  • Feature with HearID Personalized EQ

  • Its playtime hour: up to 26 hours 

  • Clear voice during call: 6 noise cancellation microphones 

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2. ANKER SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro

This earphone model from Anker is famous and known as the first earphones to features the Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture that enable users to listen to a harmonized sound plus it its balanced armature driver and featuring with the dynamic driver. This earphone is also famous for studio recording as well. Users can also user the SoundCore app to personalized their audio quality preference too. 

ANKER SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro - Anker Earphone
  • Its color: Black 

  • Clear voice during call 

  • Strong battery life capacity 

  • Features with SoundCore app that enable users to personalized preference sound quality 

  • Features with Astria coaxial acoustic architecture function 

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3. ANKER SoundCore Liberty Air 2

The technology of the diamond-inspired drivers featuring with the 4 microphones enables this earphone with the noise cancellation function.  There are two colors for choosing which include black and white. Users can use this Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 earphone for up to 7 hours playtime with just a single charge only. 

ANKER SoundCore Liberty Air 2 - Anker Earphone
  • Its available colors: Black and White 

  • Offers a crystal clear voice quality 

  • Its battery life: 7 hours playtime with a single charge and 28 hours playtime with charging case 

  • Easy to carry along with 

  • Its package provides multiple accessories including charging case, XS/S/M/L/XL EarTips, and a USB-C cable 

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4. ANKER SoundCore Life Dot2 NC

Here comes a superb awesome design from Anker earphone with Anker Soundcore Life Dot2 NC.  With its fast battery charging that provide battery life up to 1.5 hours within only 10 minutes charging. Users also get to a warranty up to 18 months as well for the labor and parts of the earphones. This model also features with the ANC function that support with 11mm driver via the 4 microphones for the clearer voice during call. 

ANKER SoundCore Life Dot2 NC - Anker Earphone
  • Available color: Black 

  • Active noise cancellation feature 

  • Features with 11mm driver for a clear voice via 4 microphones 

  • Its battery life: up to 7 hours playtime for a single charge and up to 35 hours with charging case 

  • Its waterproof level: IPX5 

  • Features with Soundcore app 

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5. ANKER SoundCore Life Dot2

Don’t you worry about the pressure of wearing earphone for too long since this Soundcore life Dot2 features with zero-pressure AirWings that could protect your ear from pain. Despite this, this pair of earphone  from Anker also offer an easy connection between your device to this earphone. Once your earphones are out from the case, it will be automatically connected. 

ANKER SoundCore Life Dot2 - Anker Earphone
  • Features with the superior balanced sound: 8mm Triple-layer dynamic drivers 

  • Its battery life: up to 100 hours playtime

  • 0 Pressure Air-wings: Soft and flexible silicone that best suit with your ear size 

  • Easy connection: Easy to switch from connected both earphones or a single side or earphone 

  • One-step pairing technology: Automatically connected to your device once it is out from the case 

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6ANKER SoundCore Life P2

This is a wireless earphone or earbuds that comes with 4 microphones offering a clear voice during your call especially those are working from home. Its playtime hour offers up to 40 hours with the charging case. You can charge only 10mn and get to listen it up to 1 hour as well. 

ANKER SoundCore Life P2 - Anker Earphone
  • Its available colors: Black, White and Green 

  • Features with 4 microphones and CVC 8.0 Noise cancellation 

  • Provide with Graphene drivers for clear sound 

  • Its Charging port type : USB-C 

  • Its waterproof level: IPX7 

  • Its battery life: 40 Hours playtime  

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7. ANKER Soundcore Spirit 2

Spirit2 from Anker Soundcore will never disappoint their loyal customers either. Its driver design comes with 40% bigger than the standard drivers to ensure a deeper bass sound to listener. What makes their users will be no longer get to worry because of its everything proof that help this earphones avoid from others including sweat, dust or water. 

ANKER Soundcore Spirit 2 - Anker Earphone
  • Big size of dynamic drivers: 40% larger than standard drivers 

  • Available Waterproof function 

  • Zero-pressure airwings

  • BassUp Technology feature

  • Multi-point connection available 

  • Its battery life: 14 hours playtime, 5mn charge for 2 hours playtime 

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8. Anker SoundCore R100 IPX5|25H

Within just 10mn charge you will get to use it for up to 1 hour and a full 25 hours playtime if charging with its case. Its waterproof level offers to users with IPX5 that is strong enough to avoid your earphone from error by water. Its design ensures for users that once you wear it, there will be no pain causing to your ears. 

Anker SoundCore R100 IPX5|25H - Anker Earphone
  • Unique sound with BassUp technology 

  • Its battery life: Up to 25 hours playtimes 

  • Its waterproof level: IPX5 

  • Safe and comfortable design 

  • 2 Microphones features that help reduce the noise 

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9. ANKER Soundbuds Verve with Remote Control B2C

This Soundbuds verve from Anker earphone has received more than 99% positive feedback from Amazon buyers. Its perfect fit design offers an incredible look once you are wearing it. Its enhanced sound technology featuring with the built-in microphone design. 

ANKER Soundbuds Verve with Remote Control B2C - Anker Earphone
  • Its available color: Black 

  • Enhanced sound and built-in microphone design

  • Easy and comfortable to ears 

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It is better to experience using it at least once rather than heard about it 100 times. Therefore you’d better tried it at least once before you regretted choosing the others over all of these best Anker Earphones.