Best Budgeted Anker Speaker
Anker Speaker

Best Budgeted Anker Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker that from the Anker brand in Cambodia? In this article, you will get to see which model of Anker speaker should be in your shopping cart right now. As you know that Anker is one of the top brands for Speaker accessories, so let’s go and find it out here which one should be the best choice for you.

1. Anker SoundCore Motion Boom 30W|IPX7|24H

Here comes a special Anker speaker that is famous for outdoor party. Its design comes with a variety of special features that allow users to celebrate their outdoor parties happily. Especially with its IPX7 waterproof function you can put it even on the water surface since it also has its floating feature.  Its sound still pops up on the upper surface of the speaker even you dropped it into the water. 

Anker SoundCore Motion Boom 30W|IPX7|24H - Anker Speaker
  • Its waterproof level: IPX7 

  • Made of 100% of titanium

  • Features with BassUp technology 

  • Playing hours : Up to 24 hours 

  • Its Bluetooth level: 5.0

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2. ANKER SoundCore Flare+Huge 360

Just like its name, this Anker speaker offers a full 360 degree heart stopping sound you will ever experience.  Everyone can still hear the music from every corner in the party space. Moreover, you can also turn the party mode on to enjoy the music featuring with the neon LED light from the speaker itself too. 

ANKER SoundCore Flare+Huge 360 - Anker Speaker
  • Its waterproof level: IPX7 

  • Features with BassUp technology 

  • Playing hours : Up to 20 hours playtime

  • Its Bluetooth level: 5.0

  • Features with party LED mode 

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3. Anker SoundCore Wakey

For those who are introvert like persons, you may choose with this Anker speaker model. It is the best match for you if you like to stay in your room and playing some good calm music that make you feel peace and safe. Especially it also comes with a wireless charging pad built-in that allow users to charge your smartphone with this Anker speaker as well. 

Anker SoundCore Wakey - Anker Speaker
  • Features with fast wireless charging built-in pad with 10w for Samsung phones and 7.5w for Iphone phones 

  • Alarm function available 

  • Mood sound setup options 

  • Awarded as 2018 Golden Pin Design Award

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4. ANKER Soundcore Motion B B2C Big Sound Bigger Bass

If you like to connect two Anker speakers at the same time for a bigger beat up to 24w then this one is just too right for you. Its waterproof level offers with IPX7 to fully secure you speaker from the water. You can also switch to motion B for continuing playing time straight up to 12 hours as well. 

ANKER Soundcore Motion B B2C Big Sound Bigger Bass - Anker Speaker
  • Its color: Black 

  • Its waterproof level: IPX7 and IPX5 waterproof technology 

  • Features with Deeper Bass technology 

  • Offers with bigger beat of 12w 

  • Power2 function for allow to connect to another speaker at the same time forming up to 24w

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With all of these best Anker speakers, you don’t need to think too much because all of the best Anker speakers are here. Just go with the one that features functions and designs you will ever need.